Ultra V Aqua Shine Face Mask

Ultra V Aqua Shine Face Mask
Ultra V Aqua Shine Face Mask

Ultra V Aqua Shine Face Mask

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Key Features

  • Helps Reduce the visible of signs of aging.

Aqua Shine Mask is used to reduce the irritation and soothe the appearance of redness and dryness.


Special Instructions

when removing, handle it with care, avoiding contact with the front surface; cleanse hands immediately afterwards; and appropriately clean or dispose of the mask as instructed.


As recommended or advised by you physician.

How to use

Ensure hands are clean, position the mask over the nose and mouth, secure it in place, mold it to fit snugly, avoid touching it, breathe comfortably, wear it properly, remove it carefully without touching the front, clean hands, and clean or discard the mask appropriately.

Key Ingredients

Idebenone, 3GF Complex, Niacinamide, Multi-Peptides

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