Skin Essense Effervescent Tablet

Skin Essense Effervescent Tablet

Skin Essense Effervescent Tablet

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Product Description

Skin Essense effervescent tablet is a powerful supplement that promotes skin brightening and its prevent of lemon flavor and promotes the glutathione and collagen production. and its not suitable for kids. Present of biotin & vitamin E promotes your skin skin brightening. 

Key Features

  • Skin Brightening: The effervescent tablet is designed to promote skin brightening, which may help improve overall skin tone and radiance.

  • Lemon Flavor: The tablet comes in a lemon flavor, making it a pleasant and refreshing option when dissolved in water.

  • Glutathione and Collagen Production: The supplement supports the production of glutathione and collagen, both of which are essential for maintaining healthy and youthful-looking skin.

  • Biotin & Vitamin E: The presence of biotin and vitamin E in the tablet further enhances its skin brightening properties, as these nutrients are known for their positive effects on skin health.

  • Not Suitable for Kids: The product is not suitable for children, indicating that it is intended for adult use only. This precaution may be due to the specific dosage or ingredients present in the tablet.

Special Instructions

To be used under the guidance of a dermatologist. Not suitable for kids


As instructed / recommended by the physician

How to use

Use as directed on the label/As instructed / recommended by the physician

Key Ingredients

Biotin, glutathione, Zinc, vitamin c 

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