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Seren Conditioner

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Key Features

Try Seren Conditioner,if you really want to give your hair a boost. Its purpose is to improve and deeply condition your hair. Your hair gets fixed and improved with this unique formula. This conditioner is beneficial if your hair is rough, tangled, or frizzy. It adds shine and smoothness to every hair strand. It also lessens hair loss and aids in split ends. Additionally, this conditioner shields your hair from pollution and the sun.It is one of the best anti-frizz hair product for frizzy hair.. As a result, your hair continues to grow strong. Begin your day with gorgeous hair by using Seren Nutri Repair Conditioner.

Special Instructions

If the product is making your scalp feel irritated or burnt, wash your hair right away and stop using it.


Use regularly after shampoo wash.

How to use

Wash your hair. Use the amount of conditioner in the bottle(According to hair length) . Put it on the ends of your hair evenly. Use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to spread it through your hair ends.

Key Ingredients

Cetyl alcohol,Cyclomethicone,Dimethicone,Shea butter and Vitamin E

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