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Sebamed Baby Powder

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Sebamed Baby Powder, crafted in Germany, introduces a micronized form of TiO2, offering a unique solution to reduce the effects of rubbing and chafing on a baby's delicate skin. This specially formulated powder goes beyond its primary function of absorbing extra moisture, providing comfort to the baby's skin. This Sebamed face powder is enriched with Olive Oil and Allantoin, it delivers an extra soft formula that protects against irritation and soothes the skin, ensuring optimal care for infants from one month onwards.

Key Ingredients:

Micronized TiO2:

The micronized form of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) is a key ingredient that sets this baby powder apart. Its unique formulation is designed to reduce the effects of rubbing and chafing, offering a gentle and effective solution for a baby's sensitive skin.

Olive Oil:

The inclusion of Olive Oil brings soothing and protective properties to the Sebamed Baby Powder. Olive Oil is known for its ability to moisturize and shield the skin from dryness, making it an ideal ingredient for maintaining the delicate balance of a baby's skin.


Allantoin is another crucial component of this baby powder, contributing to its extra soft formula. This ingredient works to make the skin soft and smooth, providing an additional layer of protection against irritation.

Product Features:

Made in Germany:

The Sebamed Baby Powder is proudly crafted in Germany, adhering to high-quality standards and stringent manufacturing processes. This ensures that the product meets the expectations of safety and effectiveness.

Pleasant Botanical Fragrance:

The inclusion of a pleasant botanical fragrance adds to the overall user experience. This subtle and comforting scent enhances the application of the powder, making it a sensory delight for both parents and babies.

Ideal from One Month Onwards:

The formulation of this baby powder is tailored to be ideal for babies from one month onwards. It takes into consideration the specific needs and sensitivities of young skin, providing gentle care from the early stages of infancy.

0% Irritant Reactions & Almost 0% Allergic Reactions:

A notable feature of Sebamed Baby Powder is its commitment to minimizing irritant and allergic reactions. With 0% irritant reactions and almost 0% allergic reactions, the powder aims to be a safe and reliable choice for baby skincare.

Usage Instructions:

Application Technique:

To apply, step away from your baby and shake the powder into your hand. It is advised not to shake it directly on your baby or in close proximity. Apply gently to avoid producing a cloud of powder.

Storage Recommendation:

The powder should be stored out of your baby's reach, ensuring a safe and secure environment. This precautionary measure aligns with the brand's commitment to promoting safety in the use of its products.

In conclusion, Sebamed Baby Powder stands as a carefully crafted solution for the well-being of a baby's delicate skin. The micronized TiO2 addresses rubbing and chafing concerns, while the inclusion of Olive Oil and Allantoin ensures an extra soft formula that protects against irritation and soothes the skin. With a pleasant botanical fragrance and suitability for infants from one month onwards, this Sebamed powder for face and baby powder embodies the brand's dedication to providing gentle, effective, and safe skincare for the youngest members of the family.

Special Instructions

To be used under the guidance of a dermatologist.


As instructed / recommended by the physician

How to use

Use whenever required/ apply it on the whole body

Key Ingredients

Talc, ZnO, Olive Oil, Allantoin

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