Peltos Sleep Mask Retinol


Peltos Sleep Mask Retinol

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Key Features

  • Natural collagen building ingredients for superior antiaging effect Strengthens the protective layer, rejuvenates the skin Promotes natural barrier function, reduces trans epidermal water loss

The rich anti-aging sleep mask decelerates the process of skin aging, increases skin elasticity and makes it firm, and gives a youthful look.The mask comes with the patented Retinol to ensure penetration of high concentration pure Retinol with moisturisation. Plant based retinol alternative add up in the superior anti-ageing effect. The mask promotes both immediate & long term anti-ageing.

Special Instructions

To avoid during pregnancy and lactation


As per the treating physician

How to use

Clean your hands and apply to clean and dry face before bedtime.Avoid touching the mask in your sleep.Leave it on overnight and rinse it in the morning.

Key Ingredients

Rovisome® Retinol Moist,Bakuchiol,Fision® Instant Lift,Niacinamide,Nanovetor Q-10

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