Noscab Soap


Noscab Soap

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Product Description:

Noscab soap treats scabies and other skin infections caused by insect bites. Noscab anti-scabies soap is highly effective against infections such as scabies. This antibacterial soap offers a cleansing experience unlike any other. It is enriched with active insecticides such as permethrin, which not only cleans but also actively prevents and treats infections.

Key Features:

  • The active ingredient in Noscab soap, t, is an insecticide.

  • It is used to treat scabies.

  • Scabies is a very contagious skin infection caused by small mites that live in the skin.

  • The active ingredient in noscab soap helps to kill the mites, and their eggs.


Special Instructions

  • Read the product label carefully before use.

  • Keep out of reach of children.


As directed by physician/dermatologist

How to use

Use as directed in the label

Key Ingredients

Cetrimide, Permethrin

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