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Foltene Kit Women & Shampoo

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Combat hair weakening and thinning with Foltene's Hair & Scalp Treatment Kit for Women, a powerful duo designed to synergistically reduce hair loss, strengthen locks, stimulate natural growth, and shield tresses from external factors that contribute to damage and aging. Infused with patented actives, natural ingredients, and engineered complexes, this kit provides comprehensive nourishment to the hair and scalp, promoting volume, thickness, and resilience while addressing thinning concerns.

The Women’s Hair & Scalp treatment utilizes a combination of Tricalgoxyl and a Biomineral Complex to create a protective barrier over strands. This barrier prevents damage caused by environmental aggressors, replenishing essential nutrients and hydration to fortify locks from root to tip. The formula also delicately eliminates toxins from the scalp, restoring its natural balance for an anti-aging effect. Experience enhanced volume, strength, and shine for a full and healthy head of hair.

Shampoo for Thinning Hair is specifically formulated for women experiencing sparse locks due to stress, poor diets, pregnancy, or colorants, this daily anti-hair loss solution is enriched with Tricalgoxyl® and Panax Ginseng Extract. Foltène’s patented active ingredient, Tricalgoxyl®, enhances growth, while Panax Ginseng Extract strengthens fine, fragile strands. The shampoo restores the natural balance of the scalp, supplying energy to the hair for added body and shine. Formulated without sodium laureth sulfate, it ensures an extra-delicate cleansing action, preserving hair health without altering the scalp’s natural protective film. Witness the revitalization of hair vitality, volume, and shine.

Key Ingredients:

Tricalgoxyl®: Foltène® Pharma's exclusive active ingredient is a blend of polysaccharides derived from various brown algae types, including Fucus Vesiculosus and Ascophyllum Nodosum. Renowned for its revitalizing and strengthening effects, Tricalgoxyl® promotes the development of thick, healthy, and robust hair. It also plays a crucial role in normalizing the hair's life cycle, reducing hair loss, fostering natural hair growth, and restoring the scalp's natural equilibrium.

DN-Age™:Another exclusive active ingredient from Foltène® Pharma, DN-Age™, originates from the leaves of the Cassia Alata plant. Abundant in the natural protective component K3OS, it serves as a shield, protecting both the scalp and hair from environmental stress, oxidative stress, UV radiation, and premature aging.

Nourishing Biomineral Complex: Extracted from algae species such as Asparagopsis Armata, Himanthalia Elongata, and Undaria Pinnatifida, this complex is rich in essential mineral salts (calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc). It contributes to the remineralization of the scalp, promoting its natural well-being, along with enhancing the health of the hair shaft.

Capillia LongaPPF: Representing a cutting-edge innovation, Capillia LongaPPF incorporates Phyto-Peptidic Fractions™ from Curcuma Longa, a plant renowned for its antioxidant and regenerative properties.

Each treatment pack provides approximately one (1) month of treatment, allowing for a consistent and effective application for optimal results.

How to use:

Apply the treatment to both dry and wet hair following shampooing. Gently massage for 3-4 minutes post-application to enhance the penetration of the active ingredients. Do not rinse. Utilize the product at the initial indications of hair devitalization and/or hair loss.


Initiate the treatment at the earliest indications of hair thinning or weakening. During the Attack phase, administer one vial every two days for a duration of 8 weeks. Transition to the Maintenance phase by utilizing 2 vials per week for the subsequent 6 weeks. The treatment duration is contingent upon the achieved results. It is recommended to repeat the treatment at least biannually, ideally in the spring and autumn seasons.

Special Instructions

Completely saturate your hair with warm, not hot, water.


Use the treatment at the first signs of thinning or thinning hair.Attack phase: one vial every two days for 8 weeks.Maintenance phase: 2 vials per week for 6 weeks.The duration of treatment depends on the results obtained.The treatment should be repeated at least twice a year (spring and autumn).

How to use

The treatment is applied to both dry and wet hair after shampooing.Massage gently 3-4 minutes after application to stimulate the penetration of the active ingredients.Do not rinse.Use the product at the first sign of hair devitalization and / or hair loss.

Key Ingredients

TricosaccarideCapila LongaDn-Age

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