Foltene Eyelash &Eyebrow Treatment


Foltene Eyelash &Eyebrow Treatment

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Foltène® PHARMA presents a breakthrough in eyelash and eyebrow care, promising longer, thicker, and stronger lashes and brows. Specifically crafted for thin and delicate eyelashes and eyebrows, this innovative eyebrow treatment boasts a meticulously formulated blend of strong ingredients. These powerful ingredients work in harmony to condition, protect, and promote the natural health of eyelashes and eyebrows.

Key Ingredients:

Tricossacaride: This patented active ingredient from Foltène pharma plays a pivotal role with its stimulating and strengthening effects. It extends the anagen phase, offering hydration and elasticity, effectively preventing lash breakage.

TricalgoxylL: Extracted from brown algae, this component promotes healthy, robust, and aesthetically pleasing eyelashes and eyebrows by encouraging natural hair growth.

Hamamelis Virginiana: Derived from the American witch-hazel tree, it contributes by hydrating the eyelashes, and preparing them for makeup application. The ultimate goal: achieving longer, thicker, and stronger eyelashes and eyebrows.

How to use:

For optimal results, apply the Foltene eyelash serum & eyebrow treatment both in the morning and evening. This versatile treatment seamlessly integrates with your makeup routine, allowing it to be used with mascara – simply ensure the treatment is allowed to dry first.

Elevate your eyelash and eyebrow care with Foltène Pharma, a comprehensive solution designed to enhance natural beauty by fostering longer, thicker, and stronger lashes and brows.


Special Instructions

The product also cares for and shapes the eyebrows, stimulating their natural health.


As instructed / recommended by the physician

How to use

pply the treatment in the morning before make-up and at bedtime, so your lashes can benefit from the nutrients while you sleep.Apply the product to the upper and lower eyelashes & eyebrows starting from the root to the tips using the applicator brush specially designed for eyelashes & eyebrows.Wear alone or immediately follow with your cosmetic mascara. The treatment is ideal also for fine and thin eyebrows.

Key Ingredients

LPD Eyelashes - Phyto-Peptidic Fractions with antioxidant and regenerative properties.DN- AGE – Protects eyelashes & eyebrow from premature aging.

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