Epifager Advance Serum

Epifager Advance Serum
Epifager Advance Serum
Epifager Advance Serum

Epifager Advance Serum

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Fixderma Epifager Advance Serum is an effective treatment for darkish spots and pigmentation problems at the pores and skin. Packed with superior components like Tranexamic Acid, Kojic Acid Dipalmitate, Alpha Arbutin, Vitamin C, Phytic Acid, and Nanocurcumin, it tackles various causes of skin discoloration effectively.

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Not only does it lighten darkish spots, however it additionally strengthens the skin towards solar damage. This serum gives a safer option for treating pigmentation and is appropriate for all skin types, even for long-term use, without clogging pores. It's an easy but effective solution for achieving clearer, more even-toned skin.

Key Features

  • Non-comedogenic and suits for all skin types.
  • Suitable serum for dark spots.
  • Serum for hyperpigmentation. 

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Special Instructions

1.For external use only.
2.Avoid contact with eyes.
3.Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
4.Keep out of reach of children.


As directed by dermatologist.

How to use

1.Apply a few drops of Epifager Advance Serum to problem areas, massage gently until absorbed.
2.use twice daily for optimal results.

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