Cetaphil Optimal Hydration Body Spray Moisturiser

Cetaphil Optimal Hydration Body Spray Moisturiser

Cetaphil Optimal Hydration Body Spray Moisturiser

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Made specially to address the needs of dry or dehydrated, sensitive skin, this distinctive body spray lotion combines hyaluronic acid, sunflower seed oil, and vitamins B5 and E for an exceptionally intense 48-hour hydration. Enriched with the exclusive HydroSensitiv Complex™, featuring calming blue daisy, it not only enhances dynamic hydration but also gradually improves the overall quality of sensitive skin. With its quick absorption and instant drying feature, the lotion allows for swift application, making it effortless to moisturize and seamlessly continue with your day. Dermatologist tested and clinically proven, this spray lotion is a gentle yet effective choice, ensuring a nourishing and soothing experience for individuals with sensitive skin.

Key Features:

Paraben-Free: Crafted without parabens, Cetaphil Optimal Hydration Replenishing Lotion ensures a pure and gentle formulation, promoting optimal well-being for your skin.

Won't Clog Pores: Indulge in worry-free hydration with this replenishing lotion, uniquely designed to avoid pore-clogging, fostering skin clarity and a breathable sensation.

Dermatologist Tested: Put your trust in the expertise of dermatologists who have thoroughly tested and endorsed Cetaphil Optimal Hydration Replenishing Lotion, affirming its safety and effectiveness across diverse skin types.

Hypoallergenic: Tailored for even the most sensitive skin, this hypoallergenic lotion offers a soothing and gentle touch, ensuring compatibility with a variety of skin sensitivities.

Fragrance-Free: Savor a fragrance-free skincare experience with Cetaphil Optimal Hydration Replenishing Lotion, catering to those who prefer products without added scents, reducing the risk of potential irritation.

Defends Against 5 Signs of Sensitivity: Experience more than just hydration with this advanced formula that actively shields against five signs of sensitivity, ensuring your skin remains resilient, balanced, and visibly healthy.

Delivering a profound surge of hydration lasting 48 hours, this spray body lotion not only enhances the general well-being of sensitive skin but also incorporates the HydroSensitiv Complex™. This innovative complex goes beyond surface hydration, soothing skin sensitivity and intensifying dynamic hydration. The distinctive feature of this spray lotion lies in its rapid absorption and instant drying, ensuring a non-greasy appearance and feel, all while being free of fragrance. Furthermore, it acts as a defender against five signs of skin sensitivity, including dryness, irritation, roughness, tightness, and a compromised skin barrier. Apply spray daily all over the body and gently rub into the skin. Absorbs quickly, without leaving a greasy residue, so you can get dressed immediately. 

Special Instructions

Use daily Cetaphil Optimal Hydration Body Spray Moisturiser for best results


As recommended or advised by you physician.

How to use

Apply CETAPHIL Optimal Hydration Body Spray Moisturiser For daily use, apply the spray evenly across your entire body and massage it into your skin. It absorbs swiftly, leaving no greasy residue behind, allowing you to get dressed right away.

Key Ingredients

Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin, Blue Daisy extract, Sunflower Seed oil, Vitamin B5, Vitamin E

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