Cetaphil Baby Diaper Cream


Cetaphil Baby Diaper Cream

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This specially formulated diaper rash cream offers a comprehensive approach to addressing diaper discomfort. With its soothing properties, it effectively alleviates symptoms overnight. Designed for immediate relief, it helps ease discomfort from the very first use. The protective aspect of the cream shields against wetness, a common cause of diaper rash, by forming a protective barrier on the skin. Enriched with natural ingredients such as Chamomile, Sunflower seed oil, Soybean oil, and shea butter, it prioritizes gentle care. Moreover, the formula is carefully crafted and clinically proven to be suitable for all skin types, including the delicate nature of sensitive skin. This all-in-one solution aims to provide optimal care and comfort for little ones, ensuring a soothing and protective experience.

Key Features:

Hypoallergenic - Tailored for your baby's delicate skin, this hypoallergenic Diaper Cream offers a gentle and safe application, minimising the risk of allergic reactions. It's specifically designed for even the most sensitive skin, ensuring a worry-free experience.

Non-irritating - Crafted with utmost care, this Diaper Cream is non-irritating, providing soothing relief without any discomfort. Its mild formulation prioritises comfort, making it an ideal and gentle choice for your baby's everyday skincare routine.

Dermatologically tested - Clinically proven through rigorous dermatological testing, this Baby Diaper Cream adheres to high standards of safety and effectiveness. The thorough testing ensures it is gentle on the skin, meeting the unique needs of a baby's delicate skin with confidence.

Cetaphil Baby Diaper Cream presents a mild and comforting formula suitable for daily use, safeguarding babies from chafed skin and leaving it delicately soft. This non-sticky, non-greasy cream is effortlessly applied, ensuring hydration for the baby's skin. Enriched with natural ingredients like Chamomile, Sunflower seed oil, Soybean oil, shea butter, and Vitamin E, it works to enhance the soothing effect and improve diaper rash. Clinically formulated and proven effective for all skin types, including sensitive skin, this diaper cream prioritizes the well-being of your baby, providing a gentle and reliable solution for daily care.


Special Instructions

To be used under the guidance of a dermatologist.


As instructed / recommended by the physician

How to use


Wet face and apply directly. Massage gently with hands in circular motion for 1-2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with cold water and pat dry. Follow your regular skin regimen.

Key Ingredients

Shea Butter, Pro vitamin B5 & Essential Vitamin B3

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