Babe Hydra Calm Body Wash

Babe Hydra Calm Body Wash
Babe Hydra Calm Body Wash
Babe Hydra Calm Body Wash
Babe Hydra Calm Body Wash

Babe Hydra Calm Body Wash

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Experience the ultimate daily cleanse with our hydrating body wash, a soap-free gem crafted with a syndet formula for immediate softness and comfort on even the most sensitive skin.

Babe hydra calm body wash benefits :

  • Daily Comfort for Sensitive Skin: Embrace our Babe Hydra Calm Body Wash
  •  Bath Gel, uniquely formulated to offer a soothing and gentle cleanse for sensitive skin
  • Strengthens Protective Barrier: Enhances your skin's natural defenses, ensuring long-lasting protection.
  • Relax and unwind instantly: Packed with Chamomile and Bisabolol, this blend brings you immediate comfort, delivering a calming sensation that feels like a soothing shower g for your senses.
  • Respects Natural Balance: Maintains the skin's natural equilibrium for a healthy complexion.
  • Promotes Skin Hydration: Infused with a moisturizing factor that hydrates, softens, and boosts elasticity.
  • Gentle Cleansing with Syndet Formula: A soap-free solution that cleanses effectively while being kind to your skin.
  • High Skin Tolerance: Ideal for sensitive skin, ensuring a calming cleanse without irritation.

Product Features:

  • Skin Type: Suitable for all skin types, particularly recommended for sensitive skin.

Active Ingredients:

What are all the body wash ingredients used for Hydra Calm Body Wash?

  • With a 0.5% Complot Clemente  Babe, this body wash features the anti-irritant power of Chamomile and Aloe Vera, leaving your skin soft and refreshed
  • Best moisturizing body wash Factor (Factor Hidratante 0.50%): Hydra Calm Body Wash hydrates, softens, and enhances elasticity, even for the driest skin.
  • Jojoba (ACTIVO DE JOJOBA 0.25%): With soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, it renews the skin and retains water.

Diff between shower gel and body wash?

Shower gel and body wash share the goal of keeping your skin clean, but shower gel often feels thicker, while body wash tends to be more hydrating and might include additional skincare goodies. The choice between them usually depends on personal preference and skin type.

Uncover the transformative qualities of Hydra-Calm Soap, a skincare gem that turns your daily cleanse into a soothing treat. Elevate your shower routine with the top body wash for women in India, promising a perfect blend of luxury and revitalization

Special Instructions

Pump out a sufficient amount to apply any our body. Rinse off leaving your skin clean and moisturized.


Apply twice a day for the best results.

How to use

Apply Babé Hydra-Calm Body Wash to wet skin and massage. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Key Ingredients

2.50% Glycerin, 0.50% Jojoba Oil, 0.50% Shea Butter, 1% Soothing Complex

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