Babe 10% Urea Repairing Lotion

Babe 10% Urea Repairing Lotion
Babe 10% Urea Repairing Lotion
Babe 10% Urea Repairing Lotion
Babe 10% Urea Repairing Lotion

Babe 10% Urea Repairing Lotion

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Repairing Lotion for Very Dry or Atopic-Prone Skin

Deeply Hydrate and Repair with Babe 10% Urea Repairing Lotion

Are you facing a very dry, rough, or flaky skin Problem? Say Hi to a nourishing solution with Babe 10 urea repairing lotion. Filled with the benefits of Babe urea, this lotion is specially crafted to offer immediate relief and intense hydration for your skin.

Key Ingredients for Effective Repair and Moisturization

  • Urea 10%: Stops moisture loss and fosters Urea lotion for deep hydration, reducing body peeling.
  • Shea butter skincare benefits: Gives your skin essential nutrients, ensuring comfort. Babe laboratorios 10 urea repairing lotion
  • Soybean Oil:Improves and soothes dry, sensitive skin, leaving it feeling soft and hydrated

Benefits of Using Babe 10% Urea Repairing Lotion

Including Babe 10% Urea Repairing Lotion in your everyday skincare routine will help you reap its rewards. Babe repairing lotion

  • Deep Hydration:  dry, rough skin with 10% urea Babe repairing lotion.
  • Recommended for Atopic-Prone Skin: Specially designed for those with very dry or lotion for atopic-prone skin .
  • Lightweight Texture: Easily absorbed for quick relief and comfort.
  • Prevents Water Loss: skin hydration by preventing moisture loss.
  • Reduces Body Flaking: smoother, healthier-looking skin with reduced flaking.

Suitable for Dry or Atopic-Prone Skin Types

Babe 10% Urea Repairing Lotion is suitable for all skin types, providing effective hydration whether you have very dry skin or are prone to atopic conditions. Feel the soothing benefits of urea, shea butter, and soybean oil to nourish and repairing lotion for dry skins. 

Special Instructions

To be used under the guidance of a dermatologist.


As instructed / recommended by the physician

How to use

Take a coin-sized amount and apply to your face and arms.Massage gently until full absorbed by the skin.Use once or twice a day. Avoid using during outbreaks of atropic dermatitis.

Key ingredients

Babé Urea 10 Repairing Lotion Key ingredients includes 3% Glycerin, 2% Shea Butter, 10% Urea, 3.5% Vegetable Soy Oil, 0.25% Vitamin E

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