1)    What is the YDS expiry challenge?

 Most vendors sell their products at astounding discounts and inexpensive prices. The reason for this is generally not so noble, as this is a tactic that is used to shill products with low expiries. Most consumers would take these expiries at face value due to the seemingly ‘great deal’ and fail to consider the negative consequences of these reduced expiration items. This is why YDS emphasizes the need for an expiry challenge.

2)    Why YDS is taking up expiry as a challenge?

  • Enriching consumer wellness and ensuring consumer awareness about the importance of checking an expiration date in cosmetic products are the two key cornerstones of YDS.
  • Purchasing products close to their expiry causes the consumer to often use the product in a rush, thus resulting in an effect that is far from desired.
  • This challenge serves as a promise stating that all the products, we procure have a long-lasting shelf life.
  • We know the adversities and inconveniences caused by products with low expiry and would absolutely never compromise on the safety of the consumers.

3)    Benefits of taking up the YDS expiry challenge.

  • The YDS expiry challenge guarantees a 100% refund on all items which has an expiry date below 1 year* *Terms & Conditions Apply.
  • You are reserved of the right of engaging in a safe buying experience through YDS platform.
  • Due to our thorough product inspection process, there is no risk at all that you will receive a product nearing its expiry date (within 1 year of expiration/short expiry).

4)    Terms and conditions

  • Not all products are eligible for this challenge.

(Example: A product that is manufactured on March 2023 and expires on September 2023, having a shelf life of 6 months cannot be eligible for this challenge. Because these products are intended to have a low shelf-life)

  • To appeal for a redressal of grievance regarding the expiration date of a product contact support@yourdermstore.com . You must also attach the product photographs, videos, purchase invoice, close-up photographs of the packaging that has batch number in it.