Nail Perfection Starts with ISDIN SI-NAILS


The structure of your nails is primarily made up of keratin, a protein also found in your skin and hair. This essential protein provides strength and resilience. However, certain factors can interfere with keratin production or weaken its structure, leading to brittle nails. But don't worry—there’s a solution. The key to healthy nails lies in the proper care you provide. Our nails deserve care too!!

Presenting to you:

ISDIN SI-Nail Strengthening with hyaluronic acid, mastic oil, and organic silicon. 


Take care of your nails and cuticles with the ISDIN SI-NAILS® strengthener ( With an invisible finish and easy application, it hydrates and helps improve the quality and appearance of nails, promoting their growth and resistance. Visible results in 14 days, thanks to its “click-pen” format, allow it to be applied with a single click and anywhere. Hello, healthy nails!

Ingredients to highlight:

  • Cationic hyaluronic acid: Ingredient with a great penetration capacity that provides the necessary hydration to give flexibility to the nails. Provides a healthier appearance to nails and cuticles
  • Mast oil (Pistacia lentiscus): The resin obtained from Pistacia lentiscus gum helps stimulate the synthesis of hard keratins and stimulates their binding to proteins, promoting nail hardness and improving nail architecture.
  • Organic silicon (Silanediol salicylate): Increases the silicon content of the nail and remineralizes the nail matrix, helping to promote the growth of nails in good condition.
  • Biosaccharide gum-2: It helps create a film that protects against external aggressions.

What does ISDIN SI-NAILS® do?


ISDIN SI-NAILS® promotes the hydration and flexibility of nails, promoting their resistance and growth.

  • Endurance: Helps increase the strength and hardness of nails, preventing breakage.
  • Growth: Promotes natural nail growth and favors remineralization thanks to the increase in the quantity and quality of silicon and keratin.
  • Hydration: Hydrates nails and cuticles, moisturizing the entire structure to keep nails flexible.
  • Invisible- It has an invisible finish and absorbs quickly.
  • Effective on enamels: Helps counteract nail imperfections due to manicure and its removal procedure.

          How to use:

          • Use the brush to paint along the entire edge of the nail and cuticle
          • Move the brush in vertical movements from inside out to cover the entire nail surface.
          • Use the brush to apply under the nail.
          • On the first application, activate the click pen by pressing the button at least 25 times until the applicator is moistened
          • Apply directly to bare nails and not on nail polish or gel

          Before & After:

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          1. Can I use ISDIN SI-NAILS® over nail polish or gel?

          ISDIN SI-NAILS® has been tested on nails with polish and has proven to be effective.

          2. How long do I need to use ISDIN SI-NAILS®?

          The results can be seen after 14 days. However, it depends on the previous condition of your nails before starting to use ISDIN SI-NAILS®. The condition of your nails may improve with prolonged use of the product.

          3. The first time I used ISDIN SI-NAILS® I couldn't remove the product. How should I use it correctly?

          Before using ISDIN SI-NAILS® for the first time you must activate the click pen by pressing the button at least 25 times until the applicator is moistened. This will activate the flow so you can start using ISDIN SI-NAILS® correctly from that moment on.

          4. Can I wash my hands after applying ISDIN SI-NAILS®?

          ISDIN SI-NAILS® is soluble in water. We do not recommend getting your hands wet after use, nor do we recommend that the nail come into contact with anything after application. It is optimal to wait 6 hours before getting your hands wet, so we suggest applying it at night.