The prime factor that causes acne is oil. This acne will grow in size and spreads across if right action isn’t taken at the right time. Although sebum regulation is required to hydrate the skin, it is essential to know that excess production of oil can lead to acne. To combat this condition and to enhance the texture of the skin, you need a moisturizer. The benefits of using an oil controlling moisturizer is not to sweep away the oil content present on the skin but to harness the surplus production. Hence, I’ve come up with a product that would effectively reduce your acne and helps in controlling the oil in addition to assisting the matte finish on your skin to be maintained along with the smooth texture.


Keth Laboratories Oil Free Hydration Moisturizer is produced out of natural extract and is made with caution to cater to the needs of all skin types. Hence, the exclusion of chemicals such as additives and colour is meticulously carried out. This moisturizer can be trusted by anybody as it is dermatologically tested and CTRI approved. Although you could smell the fragrance in this Keth Laboratories Oil Free Hydration Moisturizer, endocrine non-disruptor present in it is great addition to the product.

Fighting acne causing bacteria, battling oxidative stress and hydrating your skin is the major areas addressed by Keth Laboratories Oil Free Hydration Moisturizer. Enriched with the goodness of zinc salts and iris root extract this works well for your skin both in the morning and night.


  • Iris Florentina Root Extract
  • Anti-oxidants are the key factors in cutting down dark spots and work towards lightening your skin tone
  • Since Iris Florentina Root Extract is loaded with this, the ability to fight oxidative stress is made easy with using Keth Laboratories Oil Free Hydration Moisturizer
  • It doesn’t nix its benefits there rather goes further to reduce fine lines and wrinkles which is a byproduct of aging
  • So, even if you want to get back your youthful radiant skin, you can try this product out
  • Optimum hydration guaranteed
  • Loss of skin elasticity is experienced by most of us, but to retrieve that this Iris Rhizome plays a vital role
  • It becomes significant as it supports collagen production



  • Reduce excess oil
  • The root extract of the plant reaps results by moisturizing and maintaining a perfect balance in oil control
  • Seba regulation occurs to arrest overabundance of oil as Vitamin A catalysis the process
  • Zinc is the best source of hydration for your skin and zinc salts present in this oil free hydration moisturizer battles with acne causing bacteria.
  • Matte finish look guaranteed
  • Pore reduction will be evident
  • The superficial appearance of the skin will be enhanced
  • Dark spots will be considerably lowered down
  • As I always say, healthy skin should be preferred to glowing skin, when you follow this moisturizing routine properly a healthy texture in skin will be attained
  • Since proper pH level is maintained not just oily skin but people ranging between dry and combination skin can also use it
  • Therefore, it is suitable for all skin types
  • India’s first hormone non-disruptor product brand can be trusted with sulphate, silicon, paraben and cruelty free product (Oil Free Hydration Moisturizer)

Go for it and rejuvenate your skin. Because anything in excess is not good even if it is produced from your own body.


DISCLAIMER: People aged above 18 can use Keth Laboratories Oil Free Hydration Moisturizer. However, dermatologist consultation is required for everyone before opting in for any product

Pregnant mothers and lactating mothers kindly refrain from using this product or if you face any skin issues, make sure to visit your dermatologist and get their suggestion

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