Aloe vera is a widely known medicinal plants that is popularly used for its anti-oxidant and antibacterial qualities. It generally identified as a succulent, because it usually grows in dry areas. However, it is more often included in a home garden and can be even grown indoor due to its medicinal properties. The slimy gel that the aloe vera plant contains is the super reservoir of water. Hence, it is never denied when it comes to skin care and hair care. Although it could be consumed orally to keep your body cool, it also serves other purposed pertinent to curing some illness.

Aloe vera

Skin care and hair care ranges never forget to accompany aloe vera gel not just because it smoothens skin and hair but also repairs the previous damaged caused to it. For instance, it could be used as moisturizer after shaving, a hair mask and so on and so forth.


Keth Laboratories Aloe Pure Gel is a new attempt made to revolutionize skin care industry. This aloe pure gel is made using just four ingredients such as freshly sourced aloe vera gel, preservatives and soothing agent.

This aloe vera gel is organically made to ensure skin and hair safety. Keth Laboratories aloe pure gel work towards the betterment of your skin and hair.

It is free of chemicals. No additives are accommodated in this 50g pocket friendly aloe pure gel that could be credited for benefitting your skin and your hair at the same time. Its multi-purposes include its moisturizing capacity, hair styling property and can also act as a soothing agent after going in for a razor shave, waxing and even used for its capabilities to cure sunburns.


Aloe vera for skin and Aloe vera for hair – Are we dealing with two different products? The answer is plain no….

As mentioned, aloe vera has numerous properties to prevent and protect the smooth texture of your skin and hair. Even if they are exposed to a lot of sun heat and dust, it can be moisturized and over time the result of your desire can be reaped.

More than getting a blemish free skin and silky hair, the primary need is to have a healthy body – which also include skin and hair.

So, pick Keth’s Aloe Pure Gel to shield your skin and hair from further getting damaged. The softness and a better gesture could only be guaranteed if the product is chemical free.

Here we go, Keth’s Aloe Pure Gel has 99% of aloe vera extract and Keth proudly announces this with the hope of giving out the best product to the people who require it.

Keth Laboratories’ organic nature ensures safety to all skin types.


  • Take a pea sized amount of Keth Laboratories Aloe Pure Gel and smear it on your face in upward circular motion as a moisturizer after cleansing.
  •  If you are someone who goes in for sunscreen, make sure to apply sunscreen well after applying the aloe pure gel – at least 30 minutes of gap between the application of both the products is required.
  •  It could be used as a body moisturizer after razor shaving and waxing
  •  A good source of moisturizer to treat sunburns
  • Even it could be used on babies to get them bereft of the constant irritation caused due to prolonged diaper usage.
  • When it comes to hair styling, we all love to flaunt our hair, isn’t it? So, this Keth Aloe Pure Gel can be used as a hair mask and post hair wash, this could set your set your hair well like a hair styling gel
  •  Safe to use on both skin and hair


  • This CTRI approved products is from India’s first hormone disruptors free brand Keth Laboratories

  • Can be used on all skin types

  •  It is cruelty free

  • Chemical free

  •  Fragrance free

  • Dual purpose (skin and hair)

  • Sulphate and paraben free

  • Safe to use on babies

It possesses numerous wellness qualities. But if you’re in a contradictory mindset (whether to use it or not) or if you feel that you cannot use it on your kids or if you are allergic to aloe vera gel, as I always say please feel free to consult your dermatologist and with their consent and under their supervision buy the Keth Laboratories Aloe Pure Gel and use it according to your need.

DISCLAIMER: Kindly do a patch test before applying before using it.

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