Confused About Collagen? Natural Ways To Boost Your Collagen

Collagen is the integral part of our body that serves as a barrier to protect our skin, muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments, in addition to preventing it from getting damaged. It functions to provide strength, support and structure to your skin and muscles. It is the biggest reservoir of protein in your body as it possesses as much as 30% of protein that your body requires. It is advised to take 0.8gm of protein per kg (your body mass), so we now have our collagenthat acts as a huge trove for out body protein. So, let’s dive deep into knowing how crucial the production, benefits and function of collage could be. Also, whether to take collagen supplements is also made a mention of towards the end of this blog.


Hope you’re surprised to know that collagens are divided into several types. And, you heard it right. There are five different types of collagens that caters to individual needs of your skin, muscle and other body parts that could possibly come as a surprise for you. However, let’s discuss the common types here.


This type exclusively pays attention to the structure of your skin and tendons. The wrinkles on your skin are also the byproduct of lack of collagen or less production of collagen. Subsequently, type 1 addresses this problem and helps in promoting healthy skin and bones. Hence, collagen is used as dermal fillers to combat skin structure problems or skin depression.


As discussed earlier, less production of collagen can lead to serious problems. In that regard, joints are essential for all of us to work well. If a joint related problem arises, then problems such as joint pain, bone ache also emerge. Considering this, elastic cartilage could be taken into account as the primary component that provide joint support. Elasticity also equates anti-aging.


Collagens also stand as a protective layer for our organs and the lining of collagen prevents gut leaking and many more issues that branches out due to weak covering around our internal organs. Osteoarthritis can also be prevented by the right amount of collagen supply. Thus, this type deals with the protection of muscles, internal organs and even arteries.


Type 4 collagen is found in the layers of your skin. It is the predominant component that is present at the basement membrane. Additionally, it serves as the barrier between our tissue compartments. Our skin layer is shielded by this type of collagen.


This type functions to work towards the wellness of corneal tissues like cornea of the eye, some layers of skin and it even acts to safeguard the skin and hair present in the placenta.


Direct intake of food rich in Vitamin C, Zinc, Copper does not originally contribute to provide collagen to our body. In turn it provides the required sources to build collagen. Collagen actually breaks into amino acids inside our body. Then it is converted into collagen through the process that our body formulates and it takes care of the necessary action to build the triple helix structure. But to form the triple helix structure, it needs protein fibril and other things. But, never forget nature does its job.


Although, nature takes care of itself, our body has to be protected by us. Amidst the busy routine, that we all are living in, it is critical to spare some time to understand your body and give it the essential things it need.

In this way, the primary requirement that your body expects and needs is food. Just binging on food or devouring your favourite dish never ever helps in promoting the health of your body. Choose the right food that’s rich in vitamins, proteins and fibers. Even, carbs and fat rich food should be taken once in a while. Make sure to remember, “Anything in moderation becomes a miracle” and coming back to collagen rich food it is safe to eat food that’s rich in Vitamin C, Zinc and Copper as listed above along with proline and glycine rich food.

Take green leafy vegetables, and other vegetables, fruits, nuts, sprouts and red meat, poultry, chickpeas, beans, broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, mushroom and lobsters.

They provide the proper safe lining that collagen has to produce to protect the internal organs.


Natural food resources can be taken by everybody (if you are allergic to any of the aforementioned food, please refrain from having it). But what about collagen supplements. We do not have a proper study of how collagen supplements work well on your body. Nonetheless, we have ample number of supplements available everywhere. Although, it has elements of meat extracted collagen and other good stuff like it’s present in marine collagen supplements, please consult your dermatologist before you attempt to consume any of it. As there are so many other elements combined with the primary component, it might not work well for some of us. Always remember to go in for Doctor’s advice. Self-medication of any sort is injurious to our health.

Well, pregnant and breast-feeding mothers kindly avoid such supplements.

Although, many of us suffer from lack of collagen, people aged above 60 will naturally and gradually lose collagen hence their skin results in wrinkles and their muscles and bones does go hand in hand to provide them strength rather lead to joint pains and muscle aches.


Collagen level reduction also take you through auto-immune diseases like myositis and other serious illness. So, if you feel there’s something going on in your body related to collagen don’t worry much and reach out to a dermatologist. Or if you are doing well, then thumbs up folks. Take right amount of healthy and nutritious fruits. Most importantly, refrain from smoking and eating junk food that has high sugar and cholesterol and reduce your exposure to UV Rays.  It’s time to be fit as a fiddle. HEALTHY ROUTINE! HAPPY COLLAGEN!