Basic Skincare Doubts: This Or That

Skincare has now become the fast-growing routine in our lives. We believe that pampering our skin is a must, thus we overhaul sometimes just to ensure that we have our hands on all the required products. But, have we ever spared a minute to rethink whether to overhaul or replenish is the best choice? Moreover, we end up buying everything and then fret out on whether to use this or that. Confused? Don’t be. Since, I’ve brought a solution to you.

Products That Belong To The Same Family

We have the tendency to believe and accept that when two things share some similarities, then both are not so different from each other rather belong to the same family. We meddle up the products and start using them for one single need, which cannot be cured by the same family product that we chose. Hence, this blog exclusively focuses on two such products that we end up getting flustered upon. Let’s look at the usage, texture and the common problems that would be solved by trying out those products.

Cleanser Vs Facewash

One common misconception that we interpret is both cleanser and face wash serve the same purpose of cleaning off our face off the dirt, which cannot be ruled out. However, the primary purpose of the two aforementioned products goes further than just cleaning your face off.
They both fall under the same family and are akin to each other in many ways, but they both are dissimilar at the same time. Do not be bewildered, I’ll explain.
Cleanser and face wash caters to different skin types and comes out in various forms such as gel, cream and so on. Nevertheless, the functions of both of it varies as follows:


To begin with cleanser helps the dry and sensitive skin. It washes away the makeup remains, sunscreen remains and the dirt that settles in the deep. Since, it brings out all the impurities in one wash, some cleansers are advised to be used only once in a day.
As it is used on dry and sensitive skin, no foam cleanse that are gentle to apply on to your skin is pretty much available. It gives you an instant moisturized freshness. Although, it could be used by everyone, people who use heavy make up and has to go out in the sun but has quite tender and sensitive skin can go with this. Because it cannot be counted as a replacement for soap. One cool thing about using cleanser is it opens your pores and cleans the dirt that hide within the pores.


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Facewash is suitable for oily and sensitive skin. Oily skin is generally acne prone. Unlike cleansers, face wash can typically used as a replacement for a soap. It partially does the duty of a cleanser on some level. Washes off the dirt, impurities and the pollutants that sit out on our face. This layer of can be easily wiped off.
It is advised to use face wash in the morning as not much of the pollutants would affect your skin’s layer when you stay indoors. One great benefit of face wash is that it maintains the pH level of your skin. Which means it basically prevents your skin from pigmentation. Dryness, flaky skin and even acne could be cured if you use a dermatologically tested face wash as advised by your dermatologist. Face wash also has the ability to reduces your pores. Even acne can cause enlarged pores, but the usage of face wash in the right amount can prevent your skin from getting ruined by such factors.
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Toner V Moisturizer

You would have heard this several times during your skincare journey – CTM. Yes, Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer. But some of us get easily swayed by the doubt. Toner or Moisturizer. Well, both acts differently on your skin. Whether to skip one or not is up to you to decide based on the explanation given below.


Toner can be used after washing off your face but it generally causes instant dryness. It also cleanses your skin to a certain level. But beyond all this, an instant refreshing feel is what you get. Since, the most common ingredient that is used in an optimum level is water. It works well give you a clear skin.
Even it is capable of tightening up your open pores. This helps you in mitigating the enlarged pores. But if you go further and study, toner is not given much importance when compared with other skin care essentials. Since your face feels fresh and hydrated after a face wash. As mentioned earlier, your cleanser and face wash do the job of helping out your open pores to get back to its normal size by getting it rid off the impurities that were colliding it.
Hydration could be felt after using your moisturizer as well. Subsequently, toners may or may not be used according to your wish. If you want to skip this step from your routine you can do so, or if you’d like to follow it, please do.
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Moisturizer as the name suggests moisturizes and hydrates your skin thereby preventing it from getting worsened by dryness (especially during winter) which directly results in flaky skin, thus causing you skin itching. Moisturizes gets the job done of giving your skin a glowing look. This product will keep your skin moisturized as long as you want depending upon the amount of usage and the geographical conditions.

It keeps your skin away from drying. It could be used especially before and after makeup, and when you are going out in the sun. In winter, as discussed earlier, it is required to use a good dermatologically tested and dermatologist recommended moisturizer.
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Draw A Conclusion

Although, I’ve recorded the usage and functions of these products, it is your turn to draw a conclusion for what product to go for and what not to go for according to your skin type. But always remember to opt in for a product that your dermatologist has recommended for you.
P.S. All skin types are unique and beautiful in its own way. So, never shun away from adoring your natural beauty. Use the products wisely and follow the skin routine if your skin demands it. HAPPY SKINTYPE! HAPPY STRUT!