6 Easy Steps To Prep Your Skin Before Makeup

Makeup is an art as it involves several steps to sculpt your look. The redefined look for your face can be achieved only through a proper makeup. However, at times it fails too. Well, it fails you due to the lack of preparation that your skin demands.
The best and worst look attained by makeup is directly influenced by the fundamental step that has to be carried out even before your primer or your foundation reach your face. A proper makeup is not just destroyed by the lack of attention given to your skin whereas it also has the ability to ruin your skin, right from its texture to tone. Don’t worry if you haven’t followed or weren’t aware of the process of skin prep, kindly scroll down and read through the blog to get a fine understanding of skin prep.

Coconut Oil Before Cleansing

Face massage is essential for everybody.
Just like your hair follicles, your epidermis also requires some amount of hydration through gentle massage
Take 2 to 3 drops of coconut oil (do not pour the oil – less is more) and gently apply evenly on your skin
Massage your skin in the upward circular motion
Don’t harm your skin by rubbing roughly
Let your skin absorb it for at least 10 to 15 minutes
If your skin is excessively oily and acne prone, please avoid this step or consult your dermatologist regarding this

Cleanse To Adore Your Natural Beauty

Make it a habit to wash your face when you feel your skin has become tired of carrying dust and dirt
Take a gentle cleanser that suits your skin type
Wash your face with water and pat dry it with a thin cloth
Avoid using heavy towel

Exfoliate To Escape Dead Cells

Once you feel the instant freshness after face wash use a gentle skin exfoliator
But make sure to use it once in a while
Frequent or over exfoliation can also lead to skin damage
If you have done the process already, refrain from keep doing it often
Well, coming back to exfoliation even dried orange peel can work as a best natural source to exfoliate
Once the black heads and dead cells are out, wash it away with water

Moisturize Well

Pull out your dermatologist recommended moisturizer
Bump out as much as your skin requires
Nicely let it blend with your skin
Let it sit for sometime
Once you feel your skin is hydrated, then go for your lips
It needs hydration too
Apply a nice lip balm to it as it prevents your lips becoming dry and pigmented from liquid lipsticks or any lipsticks
A layer of protection is a shield to your skin

Go For Your Sunscreen If You’re Walking Out In The Open

Squeeze out an optimum level of sunscreen with SPF that suits the climate of your place
Gently start spreading it over the areas that are exposed to skin
Let it dry and settle on your skin

Primary Layer Before Foundation

Choose a primer that suits your skin type
The general mistake that many of us do is not selecting the primer for our skin type
Take a good amount of primer and evenly apply on your face and neck region for the make up to set perfectly
After it blends well with your skin, carry on with the general process of make up

Why Skin Prep Is Your Skin’s Saviour

Prepping up your skin is not just synonymous to impeccable make up, it also equates to having a healthy skin and maintaining it from getting attacked by any outer sources. It stands as a barrier for your skin and preventing it from dry and flaky skin, pigmentation and acne that arise out of paucity of skin prep before make up. So, prep and protect your skin, wear your make up and strut like a Queen! HAPPY SKIN! HAPPY MAKE UP!